90 Day Family Roadtrip
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what others are saying about Ashley Logsdon
I found The 90 Day Road Trip to be packed full of detailed information to get you and your family started on your adventure now. As a full time traveling family, I wish this course would have been available to our family before we launched in our RV. I went through the lessons and can say with all honesty that the many details needed to travel for 90 days or more are well covered. In addition, this RV course covered what no other course does, the family dynamics.
If you are thinking about traveling for any extended period of time while living in an RV with your family, then this course is for you.

Nathan and Ashley are my role-models, although I'm old enough to be their parents. The hippie in me wants to GO, just like they are doing. I'm a free spirit, and used to ride motorcycles, just so I could feel free in the wind, and they actually have given me hope that a life like that could be possible. What's so cool is that they are making an income, and have structure in the education of their children. I loved their presentation, and REALLY love listening to Ashley speak. The accent. The clarity. The enthusiasm and life in her voice. The way her eyes light up when she talks. She is the perfect person for the job she is doing. 

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